Chris is a fantastic tutor and mentor. One of a kind. I'm learning so much!

Miguel D

Just before my Higher prelim, I was sure my results weren't going to improve. But, after having Chris tutor me, I was able to improve significantly from a just a borderline pass in my prelim to an A in my final higher English exam. Highly recommend him and I'm very grateful for his help

Daisy H

Chris tutored my daughter this summer, twice a week. He was always on time and prepared and had lots of knowledge of the resources available. My daughter has autism and had missed a year of school due to anxiety. She had no confidence at all in maths and was terrified of making mistakes. Chris was not-at-all-scary and endlessly patient; but also very practical and creative in helping her make small steps to the point where she can now see a problem and try to solve it. Starting right at the beginning where she could not fail, he has rebuilt her maths skills and her way of thinking about maths so that she will tackle problems and even tests; a wrong answer is not a disaster but an invitation to think again. HIs tutoring was as much about ways to think and study as it was about maths, with breaks, rewards, motivators built in. His tutoring was totally personalised and responsive to her needs, and when she was having a bad day he just became more inventive.

Fiona M

Chris has been tutoring our son in English and maths for several months now and his confidence and understanding of both subjects has grown so much during this time, helping him achieve much better scores.
Chris has made the lessons interesting and fun for our son and given him so many tips on how to plan and organise his learning experience. Thanks Chris.

Michael F

With Chris’s help Zahra’s ability to tackle difficult maths problems and concepts in higher maths has proven invaluable in her confidence as she approaches her examinations


Chris was my private tutor for about a year. Back then, I was preparing for a public recruitment exam aiming to get a major promotion in my career. The exam includes writing English essays. I failed once and I realised that my major shortcoming was my deficiency in English writing.

That’s when I approached Chris, my old English teacher at the British Council, for help. Chris is very helpful and passionate about his work. He attended very well to my study needs and built a bespoke course around them.

Although I knew that my English writing was the problem I had no idea how I could improve myself. Thankfully, Chris helped me to assess my writing and analyse my strengths and areas that needed improvement. Then he set out structured lessons and course work to help me gradually improve the areas that needed work. In a course of one year, I was able to achieve significant improvement in my writing.

Chris K

I had a really difficult time with my QTS Numeracy revision. I was overcome with panic and anxiety. As well as being a wonderful maths tutor, Chris shared with me great techniques and advice for ‘emptying my glass’, clearing my head, and focusing on the question and what it was asking. I passed first time and with confidence, thanks to Chris.

Sacha C

Chris tutored my 15 year old son (S4) who was struggling with English close reading. As well as doing close reading exercises and encouraging my son to read more, Chris helped him to understand the marking scheme and how to approach the exam.

Following the tuition, my son went from a C to an A*. Good job, Chris!

John P

I highly recommend Mr. Chris Skinner as an excellent English teacher with great initiative and with a positive attitude. As student of British Council in Hong Kong, I have had great pleasure of learning English from him. He is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships with his students. Chris has always been driven to develop his skills as a good English teacher. He eagerly takes up extra responsibilities on a one-to-one basis such as advisor of job application and interview skills. Chris embraces any opportunity for professional development, which makes him an ideal English tutor. Chris has a wonderful rapport with people of different ages and different nationalities around the world, and has strong ability to connect with his students by his talent at teaching English. He also has excellent written and verbal communication skills with people. I look forward to seeing all the good that he will continue to do in English teaching.

Terry L

Excellent Tutor. S4 (prior to tutor) I got 11% in my Nat 5 Maths exam. the following year, after having Chris as a tutor for the majority of S5, I passed with a B. Highly recommended, excellent working environment as well.


Chris was exceptionally helpful and really took the time to understand my son's concerns, strengths and weaknesses and tailored the tuition to suit. Would not hesitate in recommending Chris.

Chris K


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