National 5 Mastery Mission Checklist

August 27, 2020

Follow theses steps set to get an A in National 5 maths.


1 Read the checklist - these are all the things you need to know

2 Choose a topic

3 Answer a question or two

4 Check the answers

5 Mark on the checklist, red, amber, green

Red if can't start, incorrect don't know why

Amber if can start but can't finish

Green if 3 completed worded solutions.

6 Rinse and Repeat for every topic (+ outcome on the checklist)


N.B. For red / amber outcomes on the checklist, study + seek help and remember you don't need to fix every problem right now, bit by bit with patience.





Past Paper Questions by Topic  


National 5 Notes 


National 5 Key Facts


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