School Closed? Time for a Timetable

March 19, 2020


Time can pass so quickly. Too often people have a clear idea of what they want to get done but they don’t find the time for it then it’s the end of the day. The job doesn’t get done and rolls over to the next day. That’s when problems snowball and stress sets in.


With a routine and a timetable, you'll find you get more done in less time with less stress. To improve your time management and start learning better, make a really simple timetable in 3 steps. 


Step 1: Write down the time you have available 


Step 2: Fill in the things you must-do activities like eating, washing and exercising. Family commitments, classes, chores can go here too.

Your aim is to block off the time you don’t have.



Step 3: Put your time into blocks that you can fill with the work you want to do.












Job Done! That's your timetable complete. 


Now time to list the jobs you need to do in the work time; your subjects / projects and tasks.


Key principles to remember are work before play and save screen time for later in the day.

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