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30% of the final grade in SQA English is decided before you walk into the exam. This coursework is often forgotten by students who, overwhelmed by their studies, leave this to the last minute. Some don’t know how to get started, some procrastinate but those who get it done early to a high standard will walk into the exam confidently with the knowledge that they’re already ahead. 


Our hand-picked graduate specialists include published authors, journalists,editors, qualified teachers, university tutors and directors with degrees, master’s and PhDs from Russell Group universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh.


Our Recommended Plan includes

- Up to 10 hours online with specialist

- Plan & Progress tracker

- Up to 4x essay grading and feedback

- Up to 2x essay reviews and suggested edits 

- Up to 2x Parent Meetings

- 2x Progress Report

English Portfolio - Recommended Plan