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Top Websites for English

SQA website with past papers and marking instructions


National Poetry Libraryhttp://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poetry/tags/sqa-higher-texts

RUAE Helphttp://www.theenglishdepartment.co.uk/reading-for-understanding/close-reading-revision/close-reading-worksheets/

Links to great websites for learning maths

Top websites

Dr Frost - there are not words to describe how awesome!


NRich - by Cambridge University covering content from primary to post-university


Khan Acadmey - Tests, how-tos, videos


BBC Bitesize




Chris is excellent, my son has made real progress, everything is explained in detail and he’s so much more confident. Can’t recommend highly enough!!

Chris K

National 5 Maths

I had a really difficult time with my QTS Numeracy revision. I was overcome with panic and anxiety. As well as being a wonderful maths tutor, Chris shared with me great techniques and advice for ‘emptying my glass’, clearing my head, and focusing on the question and what it was asking. I passed first time and with confidence, thanks to Chris.

Sacha C

QTS Numeracy (Maths for teachers)


Phone: 07492863733

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