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National 5 English, Maths and Study Skills Sunday Workshops

Build Confidence and Improve Results in National 5 English, Maths and Study Skills Sunday Workshops.

Many students are never taught how to study.

If this is you, you might find when you sit down, you’re not exactly sure what needs to be done or how to do it. You might spend hours and hours busy but not making progress. That’s where we come in.

Through our workshops on National 5 maths and English, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set realistic goals planning for their syllabus, coursework and deadlines

  • use your time and energy effectively


  • become an independent, responsible, confident and successful learner.

Miguel D: “Chris is a fantastic tutor and mentor. One of a kind. I'm learning so much!”

5 Star Ratings on Google BusinessFirst TutorsTutorful and Tutorfair.

We understand that approaching maths can be scary. But to us, maths is simply the purest language we have. It is the language of computers, data and sciences. It is the language of money and truth. It is also a core subject in every school curriculum in the world and a gateway to further education.

Sacha “I was overcome with panic and anxiety. As well as being a wonderful maths tutor, Chris shared with me great techniques and advice for ‘emptying my glass’, clearing my head, and focusing on the question and what it was asking. I passed first time and with confidence, thanks to Chris.”

Fiona M: “His tutoring was as much about ways to think and study as it was about maths, with breaks, rewards, motivators built in.”

English can feel complicated but we make it simple. English is the skill of understanding, analysing and self-expressing. Wherever you’re starting from,we will help you realise your potential and achieve your goals.

“Chris tutored my 15 year old son (S4) who was struggling with English close reading. As well as doing close reading exercises and encouraging my son to read more, Chris helped him to understand the marking scheme and how to approach the exam.

Following the tuition, my son went from a C to an A*”

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