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Our aim is that the education delivered by the teachers at Learning Better will come to be regarded as a trademark of excellence and help to ensure that our students are not just successful in examinations but become responsible, independent, critical thinkers who are valuable members of society. Our courses cover not only academic subjects but also areas of personal development, which combined, will help achieve this aim.

All our tutors are selected for their knowledge, expertise, commitment and enthusiasm. We work closely together to continually improve courses so that they are innovative, interesting and designed to meet the requirements of our students. Our teachers are all qualified and include SQA exam setters, markers and teacher trainers. We will strive to continually develop the learning experience for our students.

Each block of lessons covers a different topic from the Higher and National 5 syllabus. Topics are covered over the course of the academic year in blocks of lessons.

Lessons for Primary 7 and Secondaries 1, 2 and 3 are taught in topic blocks.


Primary & Secondary eClasses

One-to-One & Group Online Classes.

Experienced, qualified teachers

including authors, SQA markers, department heads and subject leaders.

Using Zoom and Google Classroom.

Prices starting from

Group Classes

- £12.50 per class with outstanding teaching, assessment and feedback



- £45 per one-to-one class.

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