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Dedicated to providing only excellence in education.

At Learning Better,  we achieve outstanding results by;

- setting clear outcomes with high expectations
-  offering clear manageable steps to improvement

- developing effective habits for learning and life

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- English

- Maths

- Mindful Study Skills



PGDipEd QTS Secondary Maths
University of Birmingham


The PGDE is similar to the PGCE in that both give qualified teacher status but only the PGDE gives 120 credits towards a Master's.
In the PGDE there are 2 school placements and 5 assignments totalling 14 000 words.

School Placement 1: 7 weeks King Norton Girls’ School
I taught in a department that favoured an investigative approach with the emphasis on pupils “becoming mathematicians”.

School Placement 2: 15 weeks Bishop Challoner Catholic College
Bishop Challoner is the Central Maths Hub. This department preferred a more disciplined pedagogical approach. Teaching and observing other teachers here vastly enhanced my behaviour for learning strategies.

The Science of Learning: What Every Teacher Should Know

Columbia University


The Science of Learning summarizes existing cognitive-science research on how students learn, and connects it to practical implications for teaching.

Final score in assessment: 100% 

BA Philosophy, Mathematics and Economics
University of Edinburgh


This is a job description for your CV. Write a brief overview of the position, the main responsibilities and your accomplishments while working in the role. The most effective CVs give a clear snapshot of where you’re coming from and where you’re going in a way that’s easy for readers to scan quickly.




Fiona M

Chris tutored my daughter this summer, twice a week. He was always on time and prepared and had lots of knowledge of the resources available. My daughter has autism and had missed a year of school due to anxiety. She had no confidence at all in maths and was terrified of making mistakes. Chris was not-at-all-scary and endlessly patient; but also very practical and creative in helping her make small steps to the point where she can now see a problem and try to solve it. Starting right at the beginning where she could not fail, he has rebuilt her maths skills and her way of thinking about maths so that she will tackle problems and even tests; a wrong answer is not a disaster but an invitation to think again. HIs tutoring was as much about ways to think and study as it was about maths, with breaks, rewards, motivators built in. His tutoring was totally personalised and responsive to her needs, and when she was having a bad day he just became more inventive.