The Learning Better Team

Our aim is that our students benefit from all of the experience, expertise and effort that our team invests in tutoring so that our students realise their ambition.

Since 2017, our team has been helping learners set high expectations and get the results they want. Whether you want Oxbridge entrance support, to build strong foundations of knowledge or get through the National 5s with your sanity; we've got you covered.

Meet our team which includes qualified teachers, SQA markers and published authors. We are committed, experienced and driven towards success.


Maths | English | Study Skills

Chris established Learning Better in 2017 to offer a new dimension to the education sector. Within the Learning Better team, Chris leads on tutoring maths, English and study skills. His expertise lies in implementing goal oriented personal development. 

Chris studied at the University of Edinburgh before qualifying as a teacher of maths with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Birmingham and becoming a member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics. Chris taught English around the world, most recently for the British Council in Hong Kong where he pioneered work on independent learning. 

Chris is also a certified yoga teacher. His approach to education combines rigour with mindful practice to help students learn better and feel better.  

When he’s not teaching Chris enjoys mentoring with MCR Pathways and developing his yoga practice. 

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English | Study skills | Oxbridge | French | Philosophy

Edouard leads on English tuition along with French, philosophy and study skills. Edouard is skilled at harnessing ambition and has guided students to overcome hurdles and achieve outstanding results. He also has particular expertise working with people who have additional support needs.  

He holds two degrees from the University of Oxford, in philosophy and French. He is a member of MENSA, the British Association of Journalists and the Academy of the 3rd Millennium. 

When he’s not teaching, Edouard enjoys exploring philosophy, psychology and literature. He has published several books and papers on these topics and is currently editor of the 'Nobel Prize Collection' for Living Time Books. 

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Physics | Biology | Oxbridge

Ange leads on physics tuition, with a 20 year career as a physics teacher and more recently an SQA marker.  

As an SQA marker for more than a decade, Ange can help you understand which answers yield marks and how to optimise your exam technique.  

In her role as a physics teacher, she ran STEM awards, received a Saltire award.  She also prepared students for entrance exams to various higher education institutes, including University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. 

Ange is known for her enthusiasm, initiative and drive to make physics accessible to everyone. When she isn’t teaching she enjoys skiing in the Alps. 

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Chemistry | Biology | RE

Anne-Marie leads on chemistry and biology tuition.  She has had a distinguished career as a chemistry, biology and science teacher over more than 20 years in both public and private institutions.

Before receiving a distinction in her PGCE teaching qualification, Anne-Marie prepared and edited research papers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. 

Anne-Marie still holds the record for the highest number of A passes in Higher Chemistry in her old school. In her last role, 100% of students in her Advanced Higher classes achieved A grades, two years running!

When she’s not teaching, she enjoys improving her french language skills and playing the violin.  

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Our Purpose

Dedicated to providing only excellence in education.

At Learning Better,  we achieve outstanding results by;

- setting clear outcomes with high expectations
-  offering clear manageable steps to improvement

- developing effective habits for learning and life

We focus on

- English

- Maths

- Mindful Study Skills


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Fiona M

Chris tutored my daughter this summer, twice a week. He was always on time and prepared and had lots of knowledge of the resources available. My daughter has autism and had missed a year of school due to anxiety. She had no confidence at all in maths and was terrified of making mistakes. Chris was not-at-all-scary and endlessly patient; but also very practical and creative in helping her make small steps to the point where she can now see a problem and try to solve it. Starting right at the beginning where she could not fail, he has rebuilt her maths skills and her way of thinking about maths so that she will tackle problems and even tests; a wrong answer is not a disaster but an invitation to think again. HIs tutoring was as much about ways to think and study as it was about maths, with breaks, rewards, motivators built in. His tutoring was totally personalised and responsive to her needs, and when she was having a bad day he just became more inventive.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation/non-attendance charges

Lessons cancelled will be charged at the following rates:

  • Non-attendance or Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation - 100% of session cost;

  • 24 - 48 hours notice of cancellation -75% of session cost;

  • 48 hours- 7 days notice of cancellation - 50% of session cost.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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